About The Hounds

The Henstra Hounds Dogs are all a part of our family.  Our dogs love to "do good"!  Each one of them has had the proper training to bring out the best in them.  Like people, dogs have personalities all their own, everyone is different.  We wanted each of them to have the opportunity to excel at what they are best at and enjoy life to the fullest!
You may contact us to see if Therapy Dog Roxie, would be available to visit your educational, rehabilitation or medical facility.   Email k9therapy@outlook.com
Roxie was born in 2008 in Scottsdale AZ. She was born deaf.  She is a Registered Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  Roxie does Therapy Dog work at Senior facilities and goes to Elementary & Middle Schools to help present to the children about special dogs in need and the amazing things they can do.  Roxie also tried her hand at sheep herding.  She earned her Canine Good Citizen, Community Good Citizen and Trick Dog titles through AZ Dog Sports. She has taken many obedience classes at Cheeky Dog Obedience in Cave Creek AZ.
Dawn is a beautiful Golden Retriever born April of 2013. She is a Certified Therapy Dog registration with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Dawn is also a Registered Service Dog with Power Paws.  She does Therapy Dog work at Senior facilities and goes to Children's Schools too. Dawn loves to attend Military Veteran's events and share her smile. Dawn attends obedience classes to continue her training and is always learning new things.  She is helpful around the house, can open and close doors and even helps out with the laundry!  Dawn is an amazing girl and loves to share her talents with others.
Sonny was born on August 6th 2011. He is Lizzie Lou's littermate brother.  Sonny came to us when our dear friend Alison passed away.  They lead a fabulous life together and she cared for him with all of her heart.  Alison is missed so much and we think about her often and remind Sonny of his Mommy. Sonny new us growing up so it made his transition easier. All the dogs love him. He is family. Sonny is a great Helpful Housemate dog; he knows how to pick up his toys and make his own bed. Sonny went through special training to become a Therapy Dog. Sonny enjoys visiting Seniors mostly. Maybe he will come and visit you one day soon!
Echo was born in 2020. She came through the Fetch Foundation Homeless to Hero program. This program allowed her to be placed with a Veteran to have a career as a working dog.  Fetch Foundation supported her placement and training.   Echo is training to become a therapy dog and dual certify as a service dog for diabetic alert. She is working hard to achieve her goals and doing well with training, socializing and learning her manners.  Echo enjoys playing fetch and going for walks.  She has earned her AKC Star Puppy title and working on her Canine Good Citizen.
Spot was born in 2006 and is from Idaho.  We adopted him in 2007 from Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of AZ. Spot was born deaf and he also has epilepsy.  Neither of these things matter to Spot, he has no idea he is any different.  Spot enjoyed doing Therapy Dog work.  He visited Senior Assisted Living facilities and Alzhiemers Units.  Spot loves all people and the more people he can meet the better.  Spot is now a Retired Therapy Dog so he is enjoying his life as a senior citizen doggy now.  Spot earned his Angel Wings on June 4th 2020 and is running free now from above.  We miss our guy!
Mr Magoo was born in 2006 here in Phoenix AZ and was rescued as a puppy, he was born blind. Magoo doesn't let anything stop him. He enjoys going for walks and wrestling with other dogs. Magoo took a SCENT class at AZ Dog Sports that he really enjoyed. Tracking is fun for Magoo and he can track a scent! Magoo enjoys going out to Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios to root on his team during football season. He also earned his Canine Good Citizen and Novice Trick Dog titles at AZ Dog Sports! On August 15th 2019 Magoo earned his Angel Wings. He lived a full and happy life and started our entire journey with our volunteer work with dogs. We are forever grateful to him. We miss you little buddy!
Hailey was born in 2008 in California. We adopted her in 2009.  Hailey was born deaf and slightly vision impaired, she also had epilepsy. Hailey is a Retired Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She enjoyed doing Therapy Dog work with both Seniors and Children.She was a great athlete and enjoyed sports. She liked to swim and attended dock diving school for awhile. Hailey earned her Canine Good Citizen Title and also her Novice Trick Dog Title through AZ Dog Sports. Hailey passed away on March 5th 2018 of canine cancer.  She has earned her Angel Wings and we definitely miss her.
Lizzie Lou was born in 2011 here in Phoenix AZ at a local County Shelter. It is hard being a puppy born inside a shelter but she and her littermates survived. We adopted her when she was just 6 weeks old from Amazing Aussies. Lizzie Lou has earned her Canine Good Citizen, Community Good Citizen through Cheeky Dog Obedience and has taken Rally, Agility and Advanced Obedience classes. She is a Retired Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She was a wonderful girl and enjoyed meeting new people when she was out doing her Therapy Dog work.  Lizzie Lou passed away on August 13th 2018. She has earned her Angel Wings and we miss her every day.
Timbo was a beautiful Labrador mix, born in October of 1997. He loved to go hiking and enjoyed playing with other dogs. Timbo was a fantastic role model to all of our foster puppies that came our way through Amazing Aussies rescue. He was gentle and kind to them and helped them learn how to be good dogs. Timbo's favorite thing to do was going for a nice long car ride. Timbo passed away on June 21st 2013. He has earned his Angel Wings and I'm sure still watches over everyone here.